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Medium Share
Medium Share Medium Share
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Subscriptions purchased after Sunday will begin the following week.

With your Medium Share subscription, you will get a single type of seafood delivered on a set day of the week. You can log on to chose from 2-3 options, or let us send you the catch of the day. We aim for variety week to week, and follow the seasons. You can pause delivery until Monday at midnight each week. Once you join you get exclusive access to our store where you can add to your order each week. Scroll down for details about the sign up steps.


The Medium Share is typically an 18 oz fillet portion. Exact weight for other seafood types (shrimp, crab, mussels, oyster, pan-ready fish, etc.) will vary in order to meet the appropriate serving sizes. You can always add more fresh, frozen, and prepared seafood items to your order from our member store!


Set your seafood exclusions to let us know which species you do not wish to receive. Any time one of your opt out seafood types is the catch of the day, we will instead send you an alternative from our frozen inventory or find another fresh catch that meets your preferences. You can always email us to make adjustments to your 'opt out' list at any time. We recommend trying things at least once before opting out. We provide cooking tips and recipes in our weekly newsletters to help you expand your seafood horizons.


Home delivery fees range in price from $5-$10 and come with a reusable insulated tote bag and ice. Please leave your tote bag out for collection each week. We charge a $5 refundable deposit for each tote bag. If you choose a pick up site, notice that almost all sites provide a two day window to pick up your order, and many offer perks for Get Hooked customers! Learn more about our pickup locations here.


Shop our store each week to upgrade your catch of the week to a meal-kit or pre-marinated fillet, and select artisan pantry items and house-made seafood items to add on to your next scheduled delivery.