Get Hooked Seafood

Discover an ocean of possibilities!

  • Weekly delivery of local fresh catch
  • Curated and customizable subscription options

  • Choose home delivery or pickup

  • Sustainable, local, women-owned

  • Trustworthy, fair and transparent sourcing

Step 1: Choose Your Size


$87 for 4 deliveries



*most popular*
$124 for 4 deliveries



$166 for 4 deliveries



$208 for 4 deliveries


Here's How it Works

✓ Your subscription covers 4 deliveries on a weekly schedule to your home or a neighborhood pick up site, and is automatically renewed.

✓ We send you the fresh catch of the day according to your seafood preferences. We'll announce what we are sending the day before in an email.

Want to choose what you get? Log in to the shop Friday - Monday to select your seafood option for the upcoming week.

✓ Find a curated selection of other local artisanal groceries in our shop like cheese, fresh bread, spices and other seafood to add on to your weekly delivery. Most items can be ordered up until the night before scheduled delivery. 

✓ Start and stop deliveries as your wish. Cancel any time for a refund of your unspent balance.

What Are Customers Saying?

"I love Get Hooked! Every week we've had a totally different and seriously delicious meal! I love knowing that what I'm eating is healthy for me and our environment. We'll be increasing our order to two portions a week!"

"The level of communication and detail in the outreach material has been a major selling point for me on Get Hooked thus far, in addition to helping support the local fishing scene."

"OMG, that swordfish was out of this world! I cooked it on the grill with the grill mat. It was the best fish I’ve ever eaten."

"This is a great idea and I love the pick up system. The Tuesday deliveries add an automatic fancy cooking night to my week. It's fun and exposes me to new preparation styles. For the first time in my life I prepared mussels. They were delicious and really impressed my guests. Thanks for helping an aspiring chef step out of his comfort zone!"