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What's on Deck? 

Species List  

Our goal is to provide a diversity of seafood from Santa Barbara fishermen, and other nearby ports. Below are the possible seafood types you will receive in each season. Sometimes they show up out of their 'season' too.

You can opt out of any species by filling in your seafood preferences during sign up, editing your account profile, or emailing us.

FAQ's Related to seafood

Can I choose what seafood I receive?

Yes! Fridays we send a newsletter listing 3-4 options for your upcoming delivery, including pre-marinated fillets, crowd favorites, and delicacies that may cost extra. Log on to the store before Monday at noon and select the "Choose My Main Share" option to make your choice. If you don't take an action, we send you the catch of the day, but only a species that meets your preferences. You'll set your preferences during the sign up process. You can always email us if you want to change your seafood preferences.

If I opt for Catch-of-the-day, when will I  know what seafood I am getting?

If you opt for the catch-of-the-day, you'll find out which species it is one day prior to  delivery in an emailnewsletter with recipes and cooking tips, as well as a bio on the fishermen, the fish and fishing method. You will also receive this newsletter with this information if you pre-selected your seafood of the week.

How do I get my seafood?

You can choose to have it delivered to your door, or pick up from one of our many neighborhood pick up sites.

We send a text reminder on the delivery day to remind you about your upcoming delivery.

If you have your seafood delivered to your door, it will arrive in a waterproof insulated re-usable tote bag, packed with ice. We try to drop it in a shady spot near your door so it will stay properly chilled 12-24 hours. Please set out your empty tote bag from the previous week so our driver can collect it for re-use. Home delivery fees are $5-12, depending on your location.

If you choose to pick up, you will find a Get Hooked cooler at the pick up site with many seafood shares in sealed bags, packed in ice and labeled with customer names at the top of the bag. Take the bag of seafood that has your name on it, and check your name off of the delivery list that sits adjacent to the cooler on a clipboard. Any dry goods you ordered from the store will be in a separate bag next to the cooler as well.  You'll receive one free insulated tote bag to take your seafood home with you. Please bring it each week to transport your fish. Most pick up sites have a 2-day window to pick up your fish in case you can't make it on the first day.

How long will my seafood keep?

It is important to keep your seafood chilled during transport. You can take a little ice out of the cooler to put in your tote bag with the fish if you have a long commute. Please make sure to keep other seafood shares covered in ice in the cooler.

Your seafood will keep for 3-5 days in the refrigerator or can then be frozen. The label on the bag will give you a recommended use-by date. These dates are conservative, and it is often still tasty several days beyond the date.

Most often, your seafood was caught 1-2 days before delivery. You can’t get it any fresher than this unless you catch it yourself!

 Our email newsletter always includes the use-by date and any special storage or preparation instructions at the very bottom.

What if I don't know what to do with the seafood I receive?

We provide recipes, and preparation instructions and videos in our newsletter, on our website and in print when you pick up your seafood.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your seafood dish, please contact us right away and we will work with you to make up for it or suggest new recipes or techniques to try. Get Hooked is all about making sure you love your seafood, explore new recipes and expand your seafood repertoire!

Can I add on more seafood types to my delivery?

Yes! The weekly Friday email newsletter highlights extra products we have available to purchase in addition to your share. These may be fresh or frozen seafood, live crab or lobster, house-made seafood products, or other specialty items. Log on to the store between Friday 3 pm and Monday noon to purchase extra items that will be delivered with your main share on Wednesday or Thursday.


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