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Get Hooked was founded by Kim Selkoe and Victoria Voss, two bad-ass women who know the value of making healthy food tasty, convenient and fun for our families. Our passion for local seafood and our shared ties to the Santa Barbara fishing community led us to this venture together.

Although Get Hooked is a for-profit company owned by Kim and Victoria, our work is centered on mission-driven partnerships with other community groups, such as Commercial Fishermen of Santa Barbara (CFSB), and Santa Barbara Food Action Network, and the national CSF movement's

We know the confusion and stress that hits when staring at the seafood counter - Where is this from? Is it sustainable? Is it even the species it says it is? How do I know its fresh? Is there mercury in it? How should I cook it??  We designed the Get Hooked experience to provide you top quality seafood from a source you can trust, on call to answer your questions, and ready with recipes and tips to make the expansion of your seafood horizons a delightful adventure in healthy, ethical eating.

Another key motivation for us to create Get Hooked is to achieve increased support and visibility for California's fishing families, and CFSB, our 501 (c)3 non-profit port association. Kim Selkoe is the current Executive Director of CFSB and Victoria’s father Chris Voss is the President, and we believe strongly in the critical role CFSB plays to support a progressive future for California fisheries.

With funding from the USDA’s Local Food Promotion Program awarded to us in September 2018 to implement this idea, the launch of Get Hooked became a reality.

One of the great joys we've discovered is elevating other like-minded locally-owned businesses that like us, strive to create community through food. We love our partnerships with our site hosts, like Draughtsmen Aleworks, Fairview Gardens and Mesa Produce, who report lots of mutual benefit to working with us.

We are also proud to partner with other community organizations that donate food to the needy in our community, including the Santa Barbara Foodbank, the Santa Maria Salvation Army, Food from the Heart hospice program and a preschool for migrant farmerworker families in Oxnard. We make it easy to donate a share on our Shop in the Main Share Choice selection, and in the form to skip a delivery.


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