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Get Hooked Member Agreement

Welcome to the Get Hooked community, your supplier of sustainably caught, local seafood. We are so excited for you to taste the bounty of our local ocean.

This page outlines our policies and your responsibilities that keep our CSF working smoothly for all of our members.

About Our Seafood

All seafood will usually be sourced from California, foremost from Santa Barbara, and the Central Coast whenever possible, depending on weather, fishing regulations, and ocean conditions. If weather or other extenuating circumstances prohibits a fresh local catch from the California coast, we may provide locally harvested frozen fillet, or feature another fisherman partner out of state that meets our strict sustainability guidelines. This is not common. However, when you opt out of certain seafood types you wish not to receive, frozen or previously frozen fish fillets are a common substitute.

We cannot guarantee that fillets will be free of bones!

Note about allergies - we handle seafood and shellfish in the same facility. We take precautions to avoid cross-contamination. If you have a severe allergy, please get in touch to see if this program is right for you.

Our seafood is delivered to you packed in ice that should hold temperature for 2 days (excepting heat waves). After transfer to your fridge, you will normally have 3-5 days to cook it before it starts to lose freshness. We always provide a recommended use by date on the label.

If you suspect your seafood warmed up to room temperature for an unknown length of time, please discard it and get in touch for a refund (in the case that this event was out of your control).


As a CSF member, it is your responsibility to pick up your weekly share of seafood from your chosen pickup location during the designated time frames. Your share will be packed in our community cooler. Check your name off the list on the clipboard, and take only the package of fish with your name on from the cooler.

When we send you live lobster, crab, spot prawn,or shrimp, we strongly recommend getting your seafood into the fridge and preferably cooking it up within 12 hours of delivery time, insteadof waiting until the following day (for pick up sites with 2 day pick up windows).

We will provide you with an insulated cooler bag at the time you first join the CSF. Please bring this bag with you each time you pick up your fish. Please remember that you are responsible for your seafood upon pickup. Fish need to stay chilled until you are ready to prepare it. Get Hooked cannot be responsible for product that was improperly stored following pickup.

How to pause delivery

Log in to your account before 9pm on Sunday and select the Skip Upcoming Delivery button. You will submit a form that specifies which weeks you want to skip. You can also chose to donate the value of your skipped delivery. We have partnered with several non-profits to provide seafood to low-income communities, and will use your donation to support these efforts.

What if you cannot make a pick up unexpectedly?

If you are unable to set a pause in your delivery schedule by Sunday 9pm prior to your delivery, you cannot receive a refund for the week’s seafood, barring extenuating circumstances (in that case, please reach out).

Almost all our neighborhood pick up sites offer ‘missed pick-up hours’ on the next day to give you flexibility.

If you are unable to pick up your seafood yourself, you are encouraged to send a friend to get it on your behalf, or to take it home themselves.

If you do not pick up your seafood after the pick up time window closes, it will be donated to the pick up site host and you cannot receive a refund for the week's seafood.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need assistance by text or call: (805) 209-2019.

Home Delivery

If you select home delivery, you will be charged a home delivery fee of $5+ dollars per delivery (depending on how far away you live from our delivery routes). We will notify you of any upcoming change to this fee, which may fluctuate with gas prices.

When you fill in your home address, there is a line to add a note on where our delivery driver should leave your iced tote bag. If this spot is in the sun, consider leaving a small Igloo cooler out and we will set the tote bag inside. Please also be considerate about dogs.

Please set out the tote bag from last week's delivery for the driver to pick up so we can clean and reuse. You can keep one bag for free. If you accumulate bags, we will email you to remind you to set them out for collection. You may be charged $5 per small bag and $25 per large bag if you do not return them. 

Subscription Management

Get Hooked uses Shopify to track our share deliveries and process payments. In Shopify, you create your personal account, set up your subscription, make payments, set a pause in delivery, and modify your subscription at any time, if needed. After making any change to your Shopify account, you will receive an immediate email confirming the change. However, the update may not take effect until the following week.

Upon signing up, a confirmation of your subscription details is sent with a link to activate your account (set a password for log in). New accounts will be placed on hold for 3 days. This gives us time to source seafood for you. You will receive your first delivery on the closest delivery date after the 3-day hold.

Payments Plans

We accept payment via credit or debit cards. Debit card is preferred!

When paying by debit or credit card, our online ordering platform will enroll you in automatic payments by default. You will automatically be charged whenever your account level drops to zero or below. For example, if you initially pay for 4 deliveries, you will be charged for another 4 deliveries after the first set are complete. This will ensure that your account balance stays positive so that you never miss a delivery.

Note that you can cancel any time and we will refund you the unspent balance in your account. Alternatively, you can place your account on an indefinite pause. You'll find a reactivation button in your account profile to restart at any time.

Your share will not be delivered if the balance in your account is insufficient to cover the cost of your next delivery and your card on file bounces during auto-renew. If we don't receive a timely payment from you, you will receive an email letting you know that a payment is due. Once you make a payment, you can check your "Next Distribution Date" to see when deliveries will resume.


Get Hooked communicates with its members mainly through email, which includes information on the fish, the fishermen, recipes, tips for handling seafood, policy issues, schedule changes, and the like.

If you receive an email with the subject line 'Your Get Hooked Delivery' one day prior to your scheduled delivery that begins with an announcement of the Catch of the Week, it means we will be delivering to you the next day. You will also get a text message reminder that your delivery is coming, on the evening prior to your delivery. If you receive this email and/or text message but did not plan a delivery or cannot pick up your delivery, please get in touch asap and we can pull your delivery out and donate it to a family in need. If you do not receive these communications one day prior to your delivery day, it means we do not have you on our list to make a delivery. Get in touch if you feel this is in error.

As a member, you understand that it is your responsibility to open and read the emails (including payment notices) so that you stay informed.

If your email address or any other contact information changes, please change it in your account promptly or contact or (805) 209-2019 to update it.


You may cancel at any time using a cancellation button in your account profile, or by emailing or calling. Any remaining balance in your account will be refunded via the method your payment was made.

Agreement with CSF Policies

By becoming a member, you are agreeing to abide by the policies above.

Your membership with Get Hooked CSF reflects your commitment to help grow and strengthen the local sustainable seafood movement!

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