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Be a Site Host

Site Hosts play a crucial role in the Get Hooked Community. They offer space where members can conveniently pick up their shares. Site hosts are personal residences, businesses, schools - really any place that meets some basic criteria and is enthusiastic about the Get Hooked mission.
  • We are interested in adding site hosts to our delivery route!

  • We are currently able to deliver anywhere between Los Olivos and Los Angeles.
  • All deliveries are on scheduled routes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and or Thursdays.

What is required to be a site host?

In almost all cases, we need a minimum of 10 subscribers signed up to begin deliveries at a new site. To help build membership, our team will work with each site host to get the word out through tailored channels and cross-promotional campaigns.

Site hosts must have an accessible designated location for their specific subscribers to access a cooler we provide. The cooler must be available from approximately 3 to 6 pm once a week (Tuesday or Wednesday for the time being). We prefer that you also make the cooler available for 1-3 hours sometime on the following day for those who missed the official pick up window.

What are the weekly duties?
We work hard to support an easy and successful hosting experience with Get Hooked! All we ask is that you rinse and air drying the cooler between deliveries.  We will occasionally need to contact you if a subscriber truly needs your assistance for some reason.
Do you deliver to offices, businesses, or institutions?

Yes, we have businesses large and small hosting delivery locations, as well as schools and universities. Some are only accessible to their employees or students.  

What is NOT required to be a site host?

You do not need to be present at time of pick up in most cases. We use the honor system - subscribers check their name off a clipboard.

You do not have to manage our customers, aside from being friendly and directing all questions and concerns to us.

A site does not need to be public. In most cases, if you chose, your site can be ‘private’ - available just for a select group, such as employees using a cooler hosted by their workplace, members of a club using a cooler inside the club, or your own friends and neighbors using a cooler on your porch.

What are the benefits?

For storefronts, we hope that increased traffic from our subscribers will increase your sales.

For workplaces, schools and clubs, offering Get Hooked to your community will encourage healthy lifestyles and community connections.

All of our site hosts receive four free weeks of delivery and a discount on their choice of a subscription of their choice, which can be delivered weekly or every other week. The discount amount is tiered, and grows as member numbers grow.  


Santa Barbara & Los Angeles:

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