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Spiny Lobster / Chris and Victoria Voss / Trap

Spiny Lobster / Chris and Victoria Voss / Trap


Get to know Victoria - the co-founder, co-owner, and Chief Operations Officer of Get Hooked! From Victoria: "I am the daughter of a fisherman, which meant that as a child my father was away for days and sometimes many weeks at a time. The Santa Barbara fishing community was central to my childhood.  Starting at age 18, I fished 3 summers for sockeye salmon commercially with my father in Alaska. This work was a way for me to connect with him and be a part of his ocean world.  After attending Tulane University, I became involved with the Southern Poverty Law Center, where I focused on social justice issues. I finished my degree at UCSB, and then took a job with the Santa Barbara Waterfront Department. My family and I relocated to Australia for the last two years and upon returning to Santa Barbara, I had the opportunity to connect with Kim in building this CSF. Get Hooked is my way of reconnecting with my dad and the fishing legacy that runs deep in our family; I am so excited to share this tradition with my home-town community."




Spiny Lobster don't have the claws of a Maine lobster, but the meat is sweeter and the tails are larger. Those Maine Lobster claws have a tight grip on the US lobster market, but California Spiny Lobster is a internationally-known delicacy!

Our Spiny Lobster is caught at the Channel Islands, where lobster populations are booming! This is due to a combination of good management and marine reserves that ‘export’ lobster to fishing grounds, as well as warming waters with climate change. Spiny Lobster is a tropical species that is expanding its range up our coast with global warming. The majority of California Spiny Lobster live off the Pacific coast of Baja California. The Mexican fishery there is also very well managed.


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