Get Hooked Seafood

Breaded Sand Dabs (frozen)


Breaded Sand Dabs (frozen)

Producer: Sea Harvest / Get Hooked Seafood

Fisherman: Walter Deyerle

Catch Method: Trawl

Port of Landing: Moss Landing

Description: Sand dab fillets breaded in a flour coating, comes frozen and ready to cook. Best cooked directly from frozen; try them deep fried, pan fried, or baked!

Ingredients: wild sand dabs, enriched wheat flour, breadcrumbs, crackermeal, white corn flour, corn syrup, water, salt, yeast, canola oil, yellow corn flour, leavening, whey, soy flour, milk protein, basil, white pepper, oregano, garlic, parsley flakes, enzyme, dextrose, potassium iodide, sodium bicarbonate, yellow prussiate of soda.

Size: 1 lb